Can I Build Muscle with resistance training

Do you want to build muscles without the hassle of going to the gym? Resistance bands are the cheapest option that can also be used at home. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Service  recommended that adults should do strength training or muscle strengthening exercises two times a week for good health and children incorporate strength training exercise into their daily 60 minutes of physical activity three days per week. These training exercises can take many different forms, such as resistance band or tubing, strength training, and other exercises.

Strength training promotes hypertrophy (muscles get injured or damaged, and muscle fibers are broken). With adequate nutrients and rest, the body repairs all the damaged fibers and merges them back together. With these processes, you will get bigger and stronger muscles than before. Resistance bands can help you gain effective muscle mass and build strength. It might not cause the same muscle growth or activation as another form of strength training can provide. If you want to build muscle mass, you can likely start with resistance bands.


What Is Resistance Training?

Resistance training is also called strength training or weight training. Resistance training helps you build skeletal muscles, strength, and endurance by using resistance bands. It is based on the principle that your muscles will overcome a resistance force when required to do so. If you do resistance training regularly or consistently, it will make your muscles stronger and more prominent. It also improves your body’s joint function, bone density, tendon, and ligament strength.

According to Australia’s physical activity and sedentary behavior guidelines confirms that adults can do muscle strength training activities at least two days each week. You need to do a resistance training program for at least six to eight weeks to gain improvements. Sets, frequency of workout sessions, intensity, repetitions, rest between two sets, and exercises are undertaken; all these variables can impact your results. If you perform a proper workout session program during resistance training, including rest, that will help you to maintain your strength gains.


What Are The Types Of Resistance Band For Bodybuilding?

There are various types of Resistance bands that come in different widths. You can choose the best brands as per your personal preference and desired use. Here are the various types of resistance bands:

  • Two-sided therapy bands
  • Tube bands with handles
  • Figure-eight bands
  • Looped resistance bands
The different types of bands.

Benefits of Build Muscle With Resistance Bands

Resistance band training is very effective in muscle building. When you use resistance bands in your training session for each rep, it will give your muscles quality gain and adequate strength. Resistance bands are also used in weight gain exercises to increase the intensity. Resistance bands are versatile and can offer several benefits including:

  • Muscle building
  • Mind-body connection
  • Stabilizing muscles
  • Injury recover
  • Portable and inexpensive
  • Decrease the risk of injury
  • It can use for stretching
  • Increase strength
  • Make muscle tissue stronger


Requirements of Building Muscle With Resistance Bands

Here are the main requirements of building muscle:

#1: Eat Enough Protein

To build muscle mass, you need to eat enough protein along with regular exercise. According to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) ( recommends to eat 500 to 1000 cal or .55 to .77g of protein per lb for a day, especially for those who are looking to gain muscle mass.

#2: Sleep

Sleep or rest time is essential for muscle growth. You need to take at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. Sleeping and rest time will help you to recover faster, and you can do better workouts. Proper sleep of the day leads you to a faster hypertrophy process and helps you to gain more. Without appropriate recovery, you won’t be able to gain muscle mass.

#3: Progressive Overload and Muscle Adaptation

Muscle adaptation is excellent because that’s how you increase the stress and put on your gains during a workout. Your muscle adaptation to the stress grows over time, and it makes it easy for you to do hard work. If you don’t do the same workout or resistance training, including rest time, you won’t be able to develop muscles. If you want your body to adapt and continue bullying muscle growth, you need to employ progressive overload.

#4: Satisfactory Recovery

During the workout session, it is essential to do rest, eat well, proper sleep, and take plenty of water to maximize your muscle growth.
Rest: Rest time allows you to recover your muscle growth.
Diet: Enough nutrients, including protein, carbs, calories, and fats during the workout, can help you to grow your muscle mass.
Water: To maintain your protein synthesis, a proper amount of water is necessary. More water intake helps to flush out wastes and allows you to lose more fats.

#5: Tension

In terms of building muscle, it creates tension via resistance. To grow your muscle, you need to place resistance in the form of tension. The tension on your muscle can be caused by extreme loads or gravity. The factors related to tensions are volume of workout, amount of resistance, time, and rest.


What to do to gain muscle.

What Are Progressive Overload Methods With Resistance Bands?

There are various methods of progressive overload. Here are the best methods including:

  • Increase Workout Volume or frequency: You can add more sets of your workout session.
  • Decrease Rest Time: If you take less rest time, you can put more stress on your muscle. But remember, decreasing less time doesn’t mean you don’t take enough time for rest. Rest time is essential for muscle growth; you need to plan your workout session accordingly.
  • Increase Resistance: For these methods, you can use different types of the band to perform resistance training. Bands will create resistance in your body and improve your gains.


Pros & Cons of Building Muscle With Resistance Bands

Pros of Building Muscle With Resistance Band

  • You can work out anywhere.
  • It is not expensive.
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy on the spine & joints
  • Constant tension
  • No limited by gravity

Cons Of Building Muscle With Resistance Band

Resistance of big bands is much harder to use.
It is difficult to measure the actual resistance with bands.


How Long Does It Take To See Results With Resistance Bands?

Well, it depends on various factors such as your training period, how frequently you are doing a workout, your nutrients, your rest timing, your starting fitness level, exercise routine, the equipment you are using, and many more. On average, you can see the noticeable muscle growth with resistance bands within eight or around 12 weeks.


Resistance bands are quicker and easier ways to build muscle. You can also get other benefits of using resistance bands, including stronger spines, great bones, greater mobility, tough connective tissues. Resistance bands can break down our time just like any other equipment. You need to check them before using them and make sure they are safe to use. Never place resistance bands handles over the feet as they can slip off and hurt you. If your main objective is to build muscle mass with resistance bands, you need to plan a good workout session with a diet plan.


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