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Nandrolone Decanoate (Deca Durabolin)

DecaDurabolin is a popular steroid with body builders looking to develop lean and tough muscles. It is highly potent as it is partly anabolic and partly androgenic – it is, however, mostly anabolic. When injected into the body, DecaDurabolin works by releasing Nandrolone into the blood stream – since Nandrolone mimics the effects of testosterone, it makes muscles leaner and tougher and boosts production of energy.
Some of the leading brands of Deca Durabolin are Deca and NandroloneDecanoate. Leading manufacturers, on the other hand, include Prime Pharma, Beligas Pharmaceuticals, A-tech Labs and Eminence Labs.

What to Expect from DecaDurabolin

  • Makes muscles leaner and tougher
  • Increases production of energy
  • Accelerates synthesis of collagen for improved muscle and tissue recovery
  • Improves uptake and utilization of nutrients
  • Accelerates burning of fats and calories
  • Creates an ideal anabolic atmosphere in the body

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