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Masteron Drostanolone

Drostanoloneenanthate, simply and popularly known as Masteron, is a potent steroid derived from DHT – it also functions as an anti-estrogen. The primary use of Masteron is to keep estrogen levels in check and minimize muscle wastage during steroid cutting cycles. However, its benefits go way beyond that.

As a steroid, Masteron is effective for making muscles tough and lean and giving them a hard texture and appearance. It also boosts short bursts of energy when working out and accelerates the recovery of torn muscles and tissues. Additionally, it boosts sexual libido and increases the production of sperms in men.

Masteron comes with an ester attached, meaning that it remains in the blood stream for longer and reduces the frequency of injections. Some of the most popular brands of Masteron are Masteron and Drostanolone. Some of the most reputable manufacturers are Beligas Pharmaceuticals, and A-tech.

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