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T3 Cytomel

T3 Cytomel is a steroid popular as both a weight loss supplement and body-building compound. Some of its androgenic properties also make it a potent anti-estrogen.

T3 Cytomel works by increasing the metabolic rate of protein, consequently having two effects on the body. First, increased protein synthesis accelerates the development of lean and tough muscles while also increasing energy production. Second, increased metabolism leads to burning of fats and calories, thus leading to weight loss. And, as mentioned, it keeps estrogen levels in check during steroid cutting cycles.

If you want to buy T3 Cytomel online, then consider reputable manufacturers such as Hilma, A-tech Labs and Prime Pharma .


What to Expect from T3 Cytomel

  • Enhances building of lean muscles
  • Burns fats and calories
  • Improves oxygen utilization and strengthens cardiovascular endurance
  • Treats symptoms associated with an underactive thyroid gland
  • Improves nutrient uptake and utilization

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