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Hydrochlorothyazide is a diuretic of the tiazidic family, used medically for the remedy of edema and hypertension. This drug acts by decreasing electrolyte reabsorption, then cultivating the excretion of sodium, potassium, chloride and, consequently, water.

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The use of diuretics has become increasingly popular in a number of athletic disciplines. To begin with, these capsules are very famous among bodybuilders who use them for subcutaneous water shed before an opposition. The potential for regular physical triumph is strictly based on the definition that can result from diuretic use. The huge described, high hard and defined notch common, today, in this game, it’s almost impossible to buy with the use of these pills.

Benefits of bodybuilding

Many athletes taking part in sporting activities with weight classes also use diuretics. Fighters and boxers, for example, could use diuretics to compete in a greater weight elegance than could be dictated using a previous measurement weigh-in. For the reason that the weight is usually carried out within a day (or several hours), before an opposition, the athlete may reduce water weight with diuretics, but not have enough time to repair fluids and body weight before the event. The result can be a change in one or more weight categories, which can be a significant advantage in these types of sporting activities.


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Diuretics (Hydroclorothiazide 25mg- 10 pills) - Healing Pharma