Peptides Pack Anti-Aging – 12 weeks (GHRP-2) Hilma

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Peptides play a very important role in sports. They provide the body with the necessary building blocks to be able to produce amino acids,  which are used in building muscle mass. They  are very effective for rejuvenation, they also contain the perfect arrangement of amino acids. Remember, they do not require digestion because they have been broken down into smaller peptides. This means that they are quickly absorbed into the body. They are also the perfect choice for any athlete.

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Peptide GHRP-2 is growth hormone (GH) secretagogue that plays a number of roles including to boost production of ghrelin which helps to control appetite and aids the release of the endogenous growth hormone. Besides, this peptides acts by suppressing somatostatin, a hormone that inhibits the release of growth hormone. GHRP-2 is essential at ensuring the growth of lean muscles while guaranteeing that the natural production of the growth hormone proceeds unaffected.

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Peptides Pack Anti-Aging – 12 weeks (GHRP-2) Hilma


  • Dosage: 200mcg per day  (For 3 months you will need 18000mcg)

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